By this stage, the activities the care system wishes to perform will have been identified, as well as which organisations within your care system have the lawful basis to undertake them. Your care system's overarching data requirements should have been clarified and the process to bring them into the data store set out. This next stage considers which organisations will be undertaking specific activities and what data they will need to access or retrieve from the data store.

Integrated care systems are not legal entities in their own right, which means they do not have statutory duties of their own on which they can rely. The legal entities within a care system are their component organisations - providers, commissioners, local authorities etc. By understanding how responsibilities for data processing activities will be spread across these organisations, care systems can begin to understand and assign responsibilities for managing and processing data in relation to integrated care. They can then establish the robust and necessary contractual frameworks to govern data usage in the care system, i.e. implement as appropriate by putting contracts in place.


You should now determine and record:

  • the organisations within your care system that will host your integrated care data store(s)
  • the organisations within your care system who will undertake the integrated care analysis you identified in Step 2
  • the integrated care activities that each organisation will be asked to undertake, along with the service scope of each activity, utilising the activities tool (opens in new window)

This information can be recorded in the SUDGT input tool.


  • The service scope of each integrated care activity should be considered from the following:
    • Acute and urgent care
    • Specialised services
    • Community and out of hospital care
    • Mental health and learning disabilities
    • Primary care
    • Public health
    • Social care

FOR EXAMPLE: a care system wants one of their acute trusts, acting as a lead provider, to undertake  pathway planning analysis relating to urgent and acute care, mental health and community and out of hospital care, and the CCGs will continue to undertake all other analysis relating to commissioning of services. Within the care system, a Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) will host the integrated care data store.