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  • Miscellaneous organization data May 2017

    Optical Headquarters, Optical Sites, Dental Practices, Dental Practitioners, Hospital Consultants, Archive and Successor Data, Default codes, Treatment Centres, Hospices,...
  • Non-NHS organisations May 2017

    Independent Health Care Providers (ISHP), ISHP Sites, Care Homes, Prisons, Justice Organisations, Schools, Local Authorities. Independent Providers (Non Healthcare)
  • Other NHS Organizations May 2017

    Clinical Commissioning Groups, CCG Sites, Care Trusts, Care Trust Sites, NHS Trusts, NHS Trust Sites, Welsh Local Health Boards, WLHB Sites.
  • GP and GP practice related data May 2017

    GP Practitioners, GP Practices, Branch Surgeries, Nurses Prescribes, Pharmacy HQs, Dispensaries, Private Controlled Drug Prescribes, Abeyance and Dispersal GPs.
  • ODS Postcode files May 2017

    Regional postcode files from England, along with postcode files from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. The Office of National Statistics...