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The National Commissioning Data Repository (NCDR) Reference Library holds definitions of all data elements held on the NCDR. The NCDR is the pseudonymised patient-level data repository managed by the NHS England team Data Services for Commissioners. It is designed to deliver consistent data processing, linkage and reporting services, mainly for the use of NHS England analytical teams in order to aid in the delivery of a wide range of projects, including the Five Year Forward View.

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Who are Data Services for Commissioners?

The NCDR Reference Library is owned and managed by the Data Services for Commissioners (DSfC) team. The vision of the DSfC team is to enable commissioners to consistently access the data they need in a lawful, consistent and efficient manner.

We enable analysts to access pseudonymised patient-level data to support commissioning and population health management while upholding the requirements of patient confidentiality, as determined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Our focus is on increasing information and digital capability to provide the data that commissioners require for effective decision making, improving service quality and ensuring safety. We also hope to encourage informatics colleagues to add value to promote their effectiveness and efficiency.

The NCDR plays a key role in delivering Five Year Forward View objectives. By developing datasets that are based on standard, consistent definitions across differing healthcare settings, NHS England will be better equipped to track people through their journey around the NHS.

DSfC is committed to improving access to services by developing reusable routine reporting and analysis methods, which can be adopted throughout the whole commissioning system to support strategic programmes of work and boost connectivity and collaboration.

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What is on the Reference Library?


This contains definitions of all databases and tables within the NCDR, along with detailed descriptions of all data elements. This has been done so analysts can be assured that the data elements they use in their analyses are correct, both in how they are derived by the NCDR team and how they are used by the analysts themselves.

Useful if you need to understand the specific contents of a table or database.

Data Elements

This is one list of all unique data elements found in the NCDR, and from there says which databases and tables they can be found in. This allows analysts to transfer their knowledge of certain datasets to others when the need arises.

Useful if you are looking for a specific data element and don’t know where to find it.