Winter Daily SitRep 2015-16 Data

Daily SitReps are collected from acute trusts each weekday during winter and indicate where there are any winter pressures on the service around the country such as A&E closures and diverts or bed pressures.

Data collection for Winter 2015-16 commenced on 30th November 2015.

This page contains management data which has been collected on a rapid turn- round basis from the NHS. The speed of the collection only permits minimal validation to be undertaken but the data is considered a€˜fit-for-purposea€™.

The NHS 111 weekly data is also for management information. The official source is the Monthly NHS 111 Minimum Data Set.

Further information for this collection, including the guidance document, can be found here.

Public Health Englanda€™s winter health surveillance bulletins can be found here.


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Additional Information

Coverage Start Date 2015-11-01
Coverage End Date 2016-03-01
License UK Open Government Licence (OGL)
Publisher NHS England
Visibility PUBLIC