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Data for Scotland are maintained by the Information and Statistics Division of the NHS in Scotland. Current data for purchasers and providers, GPs and GP practices are provided. Users should note that there are currently two different code structures used for Scottish Health Boards due to historic format restrictions applied to the publication files. A 5-character code is used for the Health Board's records in the Scotorg.csv file, whilst these are truncated to a 3-character code for use in fields that reference the organisations in ScotGP.csv, ScotPrac.csv and the postcode directory products supplied by ONS. As these three character codes are not published in their own dataset we have provided a simple lookup file in order to tie the different code structures together. A file (XLS, 26.0kB)has also been provided containing the same lookup, including addresses. If you have any enquiries about this data, or if you wish to notify us of any errors or omissions, please contact the NHS National Services Scotland



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