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Schools data is held by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES). The department maintain a database of schools called EduBase and the file published on this page is an extract taken from this database by ODS. DfES contact all Local education Authorities (LAs) every year prior to September openings to capture new schools and ensure all their data is up to date. In between these census' DfES are reliant on info from Schools, LAs and teams in DfES for any mid-year changes. In addition, schools have access to a tool called the Schools Interface. This allows them to view and submit amendments to their contact details themselves. The file includes data on many different types of education establishment in England. These types are indicated in the file using a 1 or two character numeric code. The definitions for these codes are supplied in the supporting file educationtype.csv, available to download below. Monthly and Quarterly Amendment files are available for this data.



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