ODS - Optical HQ and Optical Site

Optical HQ and Optical Site data has been collated by the ODS using data supplied directly by the Optical sector. This data will be published in new files within the existing ODS data which will ensure the supply of a reliable data set to allow Optical Site and Optical HQ identification within systems and services throughout the NHS and those of its stakeholders. It should be noted that ODS make no effort in the coding of these entities to confirm registration or approval by the General Optical Council and the allocation of the codes should not be viewed as an indication of such in any way. The data is supplied across two files: one containing information on Optical HQs and the other information on Optical Sites. The below files will continue to be supplied every quarter following the existing ODS publication schedule. Monthly and Quarterly amendments are also to be supplied, and will be provided in the relevant areas. The new Optical HQ and Optical Site data was introduced within DSCN 21/2009, published on 6 October 2009. Monthly and Quarterly Amendment files are available for this data.



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