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May 2016 release

If you have any enquiries about this data, or if you wish to notify us of any errors or omissions, please contact the NHS Prescription Services. Any request to amend this data must be made to the NHS Prescription Services and will only be accepted from an authorised signatory. Please note: that the coding of Branch Surgeries is NOT the responsibility of the NHS PS, queries regarding these should be directed to the Organisation Data Service Helpdesk.

On 1 April 2006, the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) brought together five separate* organisations* serving the NHS into a single Special Health Authority. This included the Prescription Pricing Authority (now known as the NHS Prescription Services) and the Dental Practice Board (now known as the NHS Dental Services). For more information visit the NHSBSA website

Data for General Medical Practices, General Medical Practitioners, Prescribing Cost Centres and Dispensaries are supplied by the NHS Prescription Services.


This file contains current Medical Practices and Prescribing Cost Centres, including: code, address, parent CCG code, start and end dates, and the type of practice (Walk-In Centre, Out of Hours Provider etc).


This contain current General Medical Practitioners (GPs) including code, name, address, current practice and start and end dates, based on the following criteria:
• all GPs linked to a practice with a join parent (practice) date and no left parent (practice) date
• all GPs linked to a practice with a join parent (practice) date and a left parent (practice) date where the GP is not indicated as being deceased or retired.
• all GPs linked to a practice with a join parent (practice) date and a left parent (practice) date where the GP is indicated as being deceased or retired and the left parent (practice) date is within the current or previous financial year
• all proposed GPs (new GPs) linked to a practice with a future join parent (practice) date whose start date is greater than the end of the month the extract is running for.

The file only includes the latest record for each GP i.e. a history is not maintained within this file. Therefore if an active GP has a future dated practice link this will appear in the EGPCUR file as opposed to the practice the GP is currently active in.


Contains current and historical records of membership of practices by GPs.


This file contains current and historical records of membership of CCGs, Primary Care Trusts, Primary Care Groups and Local Health Groups (Wales) by General Medical Practices.

Monthly and Quarterly Amendment files are available for this data.

 GP Practice Migration and CCG Boundary Changes

The procedure for GP Practice migration and CCG boundary changes has now been issued. This document outlines the authorisation procedure required to approve a change of GP Practice relationship to CCG and for the HSCIC Organisation Data Service to reflect this change in the data files.

Any application for a change must first be agreed with the CCGs and any stakeholders, and must be submitted to NHS England by the 1st June, to take effect on the 1st April the following year. Details of the procedure and authorisation process can be found in the NHS England document 'Procedures for Clinical Commissioning Group Constitution Change, Merger or Dissolution' which states;

"Any application for variation which will change a CCGs boundary or its list of members, and therefore have a potential impact on its financial allocation, must be made by the 1 June deadline so that the change can be reflected in the allocations for the following year."

Once the approval has been gained the GP Practice migration/ CCG boundary changes form will need to be completed. This gives HSCIC Organisation Data Service(ODS), the authority to move the hierarchy within the data files supporting the NHS and Social Care Services. Please note this form must be submitted by the 1st March to ensure that the changes are implemented to the national systems by the 1st April . The link below is for the guidance document (which includes the form to be completed): CCG Boundary Change Process (PDF, 427.3kB)


New data is now being supplied by the NHS Prescription Services (NHS PS) which identifies dispensaries (pharmacies) in England.

The ODS process this dispensary data to produce parent Headquarters codes for the organisations that own the dispensaries. Each Pharmacy Headquarters can be linked to many dispensaries.


Data for GPs and GP Surgeries has traditionally been supplied by the NHS Prescription Service (NHS PS), however this data only includes main surgeries - the more peripheral branch surgeries that these practices often run are not included in the NHS PS data.

Due to a requirement relating to the National Programme for IT and the N3 network, there was a need for Branch Surgeries to be identified and coded - the Branch Surgery codes are issued by the ODS team.

Branch Surgery codes are allocated using the existing NHS PS GP Practice code for the parent Surgery, to which a further three numerical characters are added to define each branch e.g. 001, 002 etc.

The data includes each Surgery's organisation code, plus its name, address and parent surgery code amongst other information. See the file description linked against the file below for more detail.


Monthly and Quarterly Amendment files are available for this data.



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