ODS - Dental Practices and Practitioners

Data for General Dental Practitioners and General Dental Practices are supplied by the NHS Dental Services. The data available for downloading includes:

  • Current General Dental Practitioners: including code, name and start/end dates (file egdp). Each practitioner is only allocated one code, and only appears in this file once.
  • Current General Dental Practices: including code, name, address, IT Cluster, Health Authority and start and end dates (file egdpprac). Each practice is only allocated one code, and only appears in this file once.
  • Dental Practice Membership: provides a mapping showing which practitioners work for each practice (egdpracmem). As a single practitioner can work for many practices, and a single practice can have many practitioners working there, this file contains multiple instances of practitioners and practices. The NHS Dental Services now capture information on Dental 'Providers'. These are organisations or individuals who are contracted to provide dental services at one or more practices. Providers are coded in the same format as dental practitioners (indeed, where a practitioner is also a provider their D-series practitioner code is used). If users express an interest in this information we are able to provide a file, however users should be aware there is no formatting difference that allows easy differentiation of a practitioner code from that of a provider. If you would like access to this file please contact us through the Exeter Helpdesk. If there is sufficient demand we will look at making the file available on this site as a download. Monthly and Quarterly Amendment files are available for this data.



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