ODS - Data Supplied by the Office of National Statistics

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) supplies postcode-related data to the Organisation Data Service. In addition to the Reduced Postcode Files which relates postcodes to Health Authorities, Health Boards, PCGs, CCGs and Local Health Groups, ONS issues a more extensive set of postcode files including local government and geographical information. They are available on CD-ROM to NHS Users, and can also be downloaded from this site.

If you have any enquiries about this data, or if you wish to notify us of any errors or omissions, please contact the Office for National Statistics

The NHS Postcode Directory

NHSPD User Guide - (Gridlink® based) (PDF, 549.0kB) (Created on 27/05/2016)

NHSPD Version Notes - (Gridlink® based) (PDF, 567.2kB) (Created on 27/05/2016)

Gridlink®Version data files

The Communal Establishment File

The Communal Establishment File contains data for Communal Establishments in England and Wales. These are places with a resident community, e.g. hospitals and nursing homes, that have been codified for births and death registration purposes.

The Communal Establishment File has now been removed as it contains sensitive data. If you require this file, please contact ODS via the Exeter helpdesk. This file can only be requested if you have an N3 Connection.

Additional Data supplied by ONS

The Office for National Statistics supplies additional data in printable form, providing details of organisations whose codes appear in the NHS Postcode Directory:

Names and Codes

Contained within the following compressed file you will find a mapping to name for all the codes within the Gridlink data:

names-and-codes.zip (ZIP, 2.9MB)

There is an Excel and Text version for each code type.

Look Ups

Country names and Pseudo country postcodes in alphabetical country name order (ZIP, 34.8kB) - March 2011

Country names and Pseudo country postcodes in pseudo country postcode order (ZIP, 33.4kB) - March 2011

1991 Census ED codes/ONS Geography Census codes (ZIP, 20.0MB)

Census-oa-lsoa-msoa lookup (ZIP, 15.4MB)

2001 output areas (OA) to 2011 OA and LAD (ZIP, 2.1MB)

2001 lower layer super output areas (LSOA) to 2011 LSOA and LAD (ZIP, 1.0MB)

2001 middle layer super output areas (MSOA) to 2011 MSOA and LAD (ZIP, 837.8kB)

NHSPD NEWCD OLDCD (ZIP, 199.1kB) November 2013

oacode new to old (ZIP, 1.0MB)

NI Compas Pointer Differences (ZIP, 2.7MB)

Ward Health Matrix (ZIP, 395.0kB), May 2016

NHSPD CHP lookup SC (ZIP, 1kB)as at 01/04/2012

NHSPD Health Board lookup SC (ZIP, 1kB)as at 01/04/2006



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May 2016 Issue

For further information about this data, please contact the [Office for National Statistics](http://systems.hscic.gov.uk/data/ods/aboutus/contact


Note for users of the NHS Postcode Directory (NHS PD) and Reduced Postcode Files:
The codes in the Postcode files produced by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and NHS Highland differ from the codes issued by NHS National Services Scotland (NSS), which are used throughout the Scottish Data Set. Mappings will need to be performed locally in order to revert the ONS code to the ODS/NSS code which is the recognised code currently in use within Scotland.

This is a known issue caused by the business rules regarding the coding of geographies and those governing organisation coding.  Geographies in Scotland are coded by the General Register Office for Scotland (GRO) while Organisations are coded by NSS.

We will continue to monitor this situation and will inform users when the issue has been resolved.



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