Digital Maturity Assessment 2015/2016

The Digital Maturity Assessment provides a framework for assessing the extent to which healthcare services in England are supported by the effective use of digital technology. It helps identify key strengths and gaps in healthcare providers’ provision of digital services at the point of care and an initial view of the current ‘baseline’ position across the country. In doing so it supports the National Information Board’s commitment to achieving a fully interoperable health and care system by 2020 that is paper-free at the point of care.

The Digital Maturity programme worked with a number of partners including Academic Health Science Networks and healthcare providers and CCGs to: examine effective use of technology, with particular focus on capabilities such as digital care records, transfers of care & medicines management; and develop a framework that can be used across acute, mental health, community, ambulance and social care settings.

The Digital Maturity Assessment builds on existing evidence about how investing and effectively using IT can achieve better patient outcomes, reduce bureaucracy, improve patient safety and deliver efficiently.

For the purpose of comparing and aggregating answers, to each answer was assigned a score from 0 to 100.
For "Disagree completely" to "Agree completely" scales:
Disagree completely = 0
Mostly disagree = 25
Neither agree or disagree = 50
Mostly agree = 75
Agree completely = 100.
For "0%" to "81%-100%" scales:
0% = 0
1%-20% 20
21%-40% = 40
41%-60% = 60
61%-80% = 80
81%-100% = 100.
For "Unstructured" to "Fully structured" scales:
Unstructured = 0
Semi-structured = 50
Fully structured = 100
On the question relating to the uptake of NHS Numbers:
0%-50% = 0
51%-75% = 17
76%-80% = 35
81%-85% = 52
86%-90% = 70
91%-95% = 87
96%-100% = 100

This publication includes five files: the full dataset in a database-friendly format; the full dataset in tabular format for easier manual interrogation; a collection of the aggregated section-level scores (Strategic alignment, Leadership, Resourcing, Governance, Information governance, Asset & resource optimisation, Decision support, Medicines management & optimisation, Orders & results management, Records assessments & plans, Remote assistive care, Standards, Transfers of care and Enabling infrastructure); a collection of the aggregated theme-level scores (Readiness, Capabilities and Infrastructure); and a diagram of the data model, detailing how themes, sections and questions relate to each other.


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Additional Information

Coverage Start Date 2015-11-01
Coverage End Date 2016-01-15
Origin NHS England
Frequency Annually
License UK Open Government Licence (OGL)
Publisher NHS England Technology Strategy
Visibility PUBLIC
Author Rob Parker
Author Email Rob Parker
Maintainer David Sgorbati
Maintainer Email David Sgorbati
Version 1.0
_id Row id.
answer The answer to the question being asked.
organisation_id ODS code for the provider.
organisation_name Name of the provider.
question The question being asked.
score The score associated with the question being asked, with 0 = "not digital" and 100 = "fully digital".
section The section of the survey that this row falls under. Each section contains multiple questions.
type The theme of the survey that this row falls under. Each theme contains one or more sections.