[Archived Content] CCGOIS - 3.2 Emergency readmissions within 30 days of discharge from hospital


Percentage of emergency admissions to any hospital in England occurring within 30 days of the last, previous discharge from hospital after admission; indirectly standardised by age, sex, method of admission and diagnosis / procedure. Admissions for cancer and obstetrics are excluded.

Clinical rationale

Effective recovery from illnesses and injuries requiring hospitalisation. Some emergency re-admissions within a defined period after discharge from hospital result from potentially avoidable adverse events, such as incomplete recovery or complications. Emergency re-admissions are therefore used as a proxy for outcomes of care.

Data source

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)

GP registered population, NHAIS (Exeter) System


The number of finished and unfinished continuous inpatient spells (CIPS) that are emergency admissions within 0-29 days (inclusive) of the last, previous discharge from hospital (see denominator), including those where the patient dies, but excluding the following: those with a main specialty upon readmission coded under obstetric and those where the readmitting spell has a diagnosis of cancer (other than benign or in situ) or chemotherapy for cancer coded anywhere in the spell.

The date of the last, previous discharge from hospital, and the date and method of admission from the following CIP spell, are used to determine the interval between discharge and emergency readmission.

The numerator is based on a pair of spells, the discharge spell and the next subsequent readmission spell (this spell must meet the numerator criteria). The selection process thus carries over the characteristics of the denominator for the discharge spell and applies additional ones to the readmission spell.


The number of finished CIP spells within selected medical and surgical specialties, with a discharge date up to 31 March within the year of analysis. Day cases, spells with a discharge coded as death, maternity spells (based on specialty, episode type, diagnosis), and those with mention of a diagnosis of cancer or chemotherapy for cancer anywhere in the spell are excluded. Patients with mention of a diagnosis of cancer or chemotherapy for cancer anywhere in the 365 days prior to admission are excluded.

Source: http://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/ccg-ois-1415-tech-guid.pdf.



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