The goal of the Healthcare Open Data Directory is to enable people and organisations to publicise innovative examples of the reuse of open heath data.

This information will enable detailed impact analyses of open health data in the UK and abroad and in turn grow the evidence base for further policy decisions, prioritisations and investments in datasets for re-use.

The Challenge

The key strength of open data is that it is freely available for any use and redistribution. However, this openness also makes analysing and measuring the impacts of open data challenging. There are some case studies that are frequently referred to but not always documented or collated in one place. Essentially, we don’t have a way to record who uses what open healthcare data and the exciting impacts they achieve.

The Healthcare Open Data Directory builds on pioneering analysis of organisations working with open data in the UK healthcare sector. It will become a growing resource to promote and publicise the users of open data, their innovative products or methods, shine a spotlight on winners of key initiatives or awards, and enable them to better find one another to share experiences or to collaborate.