Satellite testing sites


This is a list of satellite testing sites.

Screening data


Eligible population and uptake data regarding screening, including bowel and breast screening.

Secondary Use Services Data (SUS) Plus Emergency Care Data Sets

NHS Digital

Contains details on emergency care attendances, including A&E and urgent care/walk-in centres.

Shielded Patient List

NHS Digital

Dataset provided by NHS Digital, containing record level information for patients that are part of the shielding programme.

SPI-M forecast


SPI-M is producing forecasting numbers on a regional level around metrics ranging from new and newly confirmed patients in hospitals, bed occupancies and ICU occupancies.

Splunk 111 - Vodafone

NHS England and NHS Improvement

Raw NHS 111 call data (1 day lag). Not linkable to other record level sources, broken down by area code.

Supply Chain SCCL Distribution Centre data

NHS Supply Chain

Contains supply chain data covering inventory, orders and deliveries from national distribution centres.

SUS+ inpatient/admitted patient care data (Admitted Patient Care Episodes - APCE, Admitted Patient Care Spells - APCS and Critical Care - CC)

NHS Digital

Admitted patient data, including details of admissions, episodes and critical care activity. Includes a daily and monthly flow of the data.

SUS+ Outpatient (OPA)

NHS Digital

Appointments at outpatient clinics, includes a daily and monthly flow of the data.