National Booking System Data - COVID Vaccinations


Booking data from the COVID-19 national booking system for vaccinations.

National Inventory & Deliveries from NHS Supply Chain

NHS Supply Chain

Personal protective equipment (PPE) data collected on behalf of DHSC for stock management processes.

National Orders for Consumables

NHS Supply Chain

Details of products requests by trusts from the suspended product lists – this includes the details of a delivery point of contact at the trust.

National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) clinical incident data

NHS England and NHS Improvement

Clinical incident data from the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS).

NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) Data


This is the volumetric data from NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) that states how many people have been notified of their test results. It represents the end of the chain of the testing pipeline.

NHS Status Tracker

NHS England and NHS Improvement

This dataset helps us understand how and where coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting people now.

NHS Workforce

NHS England and NHS Improvement

This is aggregate/anonymised workforce data, including temporary and bank staff employed in the NHS.

NOMIS Census Data


Open source data detailing estimated and projected populations for England locations based on census data.

Northern Ireland COVID-19 Tests, Cases and Deaths

Public Health England

Contains aggregated daily COVID-19 cases by age bands split into pillar 1, 2 and total; all at national level. Also contains aggregated daily COVID-19 tests by gender and age bands, provided at local government district level. Finally, aggregated daily COVID-19 deaths by gender and age bands at local government district level.

Number of outbreaks in care homes

Public Health England

Includes management information describing the number of care homes reporting a suspected or confirmed outbreak of COVID-19 to PHE, together with the cumulative proportion of all care homes that have reported an outbreak. Figures are broken down by local authority, government office region and PHE centre.