Health and Justice SITREP

NHS England and NHS Improvement

This data set captures the number of COVID-19 cases in the prison setting.

Healthcare associated infections (HCAI) collection


The Healthcare associated infections (HCAI) collection provides grouped numbers of confirmed nosocomial COVID-19 ingestions per trust on a weekly basis.

Historical testing sites SITREPs


This data provides a summary of historical SITREP response data including their personal protective equipment (PPE) inventory, testing kit inventory, and personnel. This helps to form a complete picture of testing site demand.

Home Care Capacity Tracker


The capacity tracker captures information related to COVID-19 from care homes and home care settings.

Hospital COVID-19 SITREP v2

NHS England and NHS Improvement

Daily situation report on the current situation with COVID-19 patients in NHS hospitals and NHS funded hospitals.

Hospitalisation metrics for Devolved Administrations

Open source

Data from the daily press briefing pack, capturing critical care bed usage and the active cases in hospital in the devolved administrations.