NHS England and NHS Improvement

Daily situation report submitted by all providers with a type 1 A&E department.

Aggregated 111 call (NHSI)

NHS England and NHS Improvement

Number of daily triaged calls per clinical commissioning group (CCG). Contains information on all NHS 111 calls.

Allocate absence reports

Allocate system

Absence reports as recorded in the Allocate system.

Ambulance collections data


Data related to ambulance collections including number of incidences and how incidents were responded to.

Apple mobility trends (open data)

Open source

Mobility time series for driving, walking, and public transport calculated by a relative volume of directions requests per country/region, sub-region or city compared to a baseline volume on 13 January 2020.

Average Length of Stay dataset


Data on average length of stay for non-COVID-19 patients, to support recovery of services.